Patient Testimonials

  • Excel Sports & PT’s staff was first class, offer flexible times to rehab, the facility is clean, and the staff makes the experience enjoyable!

    Sean N.

  • The staff at Excel Sports are professional and friendly. From my first visit I could tell that they are intentional with each and every clients. They listen and take the time to get to know them. They are very knowledgeable and have even taken the time to explain things to me so that I can understand. I am ahead of progress with my injury and thankful for the physical therapy I am getting.

    Amanda M.

  • I like the personalized service where you are one to one with the PT and not sharing time with another client. They really listen and want to adapt your progress so you are not advancing to slowly or quickly. I have been to several PT facilities but this is the best.

    Janet H.

  • Everyone there is very nice and knowledgeable. It really helps that they are so supportive. I highly recommend going here.

    Pat A.

  • Personal attention to my needs were met. Fantastic follow through and communication as well as flexibility to change the exercises as needed. Looked forward to the heat and massage on my neck before beginning the exercise room. Highly recommend them.

    John H.

  • Great staff, from the lady who signs you in to the therapists. They make you feel safe, welcome, and don’t overwork you. Each hour I spend there ends with me sweating and that nice feel of muscle heat/slight ache that comes from a good workout. And the entire staff is very Covid aware. Everything is wiped down after use and it feels like a clean and safe environment. And the change in my muscle tone after six visits (3 weeks) is significant.

    Robert K.

  • I have been a gymnast for five years. When I found out I had to go to physical therapy for my knee pain, I was sad. But, I was lucky enough to go to Excel Sports. Everyone there is awesome including my therapist. They made my knees strong really fast. I recently attended a gymnastic meet and medalled in every event and even took first place all around. Thank you to all my friends at Excel.

    Kara G.

  • Why am I coming to Excel for my Physical Therapy? The answer is simple: I’m a repeat Customer! I’m coming back because of the staff, their experience, their friendliness, their knowledge and just as importantly, their concern for my scheduling around my business and family duties. I will even be coming back for a second round of strength training, now that I have both shoulders repaired. I feel at home at Excel and like being treated as an individual, not just there to complete my physical therapy time. I also like the fact that Excel takes the time to work with our young athletes in the community.
    I highly recommend Excel to anyone, young or old.

    Dale M.

  • After breaking my clavicle and having surgery on it I was given an overwhelming amount of options for physical therapy businesses and locations by my doctor. I ended up choosing this Excel Sports PT and was very happy that I did so. Friendly staff and my physical therapist was great. 10/10 would break a bone and go there again.

    Logan G.