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Running Program

When it comes to running, whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner, a seasoned marathoner, or someone looking to reintegrate into running after an injury, the guidance of a physical therapy-based running program can be invaluable. Running is not just about lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement; it’s an intricate interplay of biomechanics, cardiovascular fitness, and mental endurance. A running program developed through physical therapy brings a holistic approach to your running routine, ensuring that you’re not only pursuing your passion but doing so in a way that promotes long-term health and minimizes the risk of injury.

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3 Main Causes of Distance Running Injuries:

1. Training Errors – This can mean attempting to train faster than the body is capable of or increasing mileage too quickly.

2. The structural makeup of the runner, primarily focusing on flexibility and strength.

3. Faulty form

If you have a problem in one of these areas you’re likely to place excessive stress on your body which can lead to injury, if not corrected.  The running athlete is a unique patient because of the high stress they put on their bodies, but are often highly motivated and can find many benefits from physical therapy.

Anyone currently experiencing pain with running can benefit from a running evaluation, novice runners and experienced competitors alike. Also, if you have stopped running entirely due to injuries and pain, this program may be just what you’re looking for.

What to expect on your first visit:

On your first visit, our therapists will discuss your running and injury history and perform a thorough evaluation of your strength and flexibility. We will also analyze your running form and review the video with you. From there, your physical therapist will provide you with exercises to maximize your strength and flexibility to prepare your body for running. We will then work with you on modifying your running form to lessen the stress on your muscles and joints. Often times, runners will have strength, range of motion, and flexibility limitations that can also be addressed through physical therapy.  We will progress you in a treatment plan and leave you with a home exercise program that will set you up for injury-free running.  Finally, we will discuss how to progress your mileage and speed safely to avoid further injuries. 

For more information about Excel’s running program please call the O’Fallon Clinic at 636-978-9235.

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