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McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Technique to Relieve Neck, Back and Joint Pain

Everyone experiences joint pain at some point in life. Whether intermittent discomfort or chronic aches in the neck or lower back, pain is a part of the adult life. And for most people, a quick trip to the doctor will usually fix the pain, or at least set you on the right course to find relief of your symptoms.

But what if you could treat the pain yourself without having to see the doctor every time the ache in your lower back flared up? What if the treatment consisted of natural, common lifestyle changes that you can do on your own without having to take medication or seek intensive treatment to find relief? All of this is possible with the McKenzie Technique to relieve neck, back and joint pain.

What is the McKenzie Technique and how does it relieve pain?

The McKenzie Technique focuses on the musculoskeletal mechanics of the body to diagnose any problems in the neck, back or joints. Unlike other treatments such as medication, the McKenzie Technique doesn’t just address the symptoms of your pain; it addresses the root cause of your discomfort.

Generally, most pain can be traced down to misalignment in your daily movements and posture. The McKenzie Technique studies your movements and posture in relation to your pain, identifies the behaviors that are contributing to your symptoms and then teaches you how to correct it on your own. By empowering patients with knowledge about how to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system through applying daily posture and movement checks, patients are able to treat current pain and help prevent future pain from developing.

Because this method of treatment empowers patients to treat their current pain and helps them prevent future pain from developing, the McKenzie Technique is considered a cost-effective and time-effective treatment by many patients and third-party payers.

Empower yourself to relieve your neck, back and joint pain.

Pain happens. But patients who choose to undergo the McKenzie Technique choose to empower themselves with the knowledge they need to combat daily aches and pains with lifestyle and posture changes that are shown to help reduce and prevent pain in the neck, back, and joints. To learn more about this type of treatment, Contact Us today at St. LouisCreve CoeurEllisvilleSaint PetersO’FallonSaint CharlesWarrenton & Wentzville, MO Centers at Excel Physical Therapy today.