What can I do about pain on the outside of my wrist?

Pain on Outside of Wrist

There are many steps you can take to deal with pain on the outside of your wrist. But which steps you take depends on what is causing your pain.

This sort of pain is also known as ulnar wrist pain, and wrist pain is a common issue that many people deal with. One study found that 6% of the general population experienced wrist pain in the past week. A physical therapist can help you do something about ulnar wrist pain by pinpointing the cause of your pain. These specialists can also help you find effective treatment for the pain on the outside of your wrist. 

These issues commonly cause pain on the outside of the wrist

To start helping you deal with your ulnar wrist pain, a physical therapist will evaluate the affected wrist. This involves testing its range of motion, and your physical therapist will also ask you questions about your level of pain. The goal of this evaluation is to determine the cause of your ulnar wrist pain. Common issues that might be revealed include: 

How physical therapists can help you treat pain on the outside of your wrist

Once they know the cause of your wrist pain, your physical therapist can take steps to help you treat it. One way they can help is by providing self-care tips you can use to treat your pain. Such tips can include recommendations like: 

  • Resting your wrist.
  • Wearing a wrist splint.
  • Avoiding repetitive wrist movements.

In addition, your physical therapist can build you a therapy plan designed to reduce and prevent wrist pain. Your plan can include therapy methods like: 

  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen the forearm muscles that move and support your wrists.
  • Astym® therapy that can help break down scar tissue in the forearm, wrist and hand.

Excel PT offers effective care for ulnar wrist pain

Fed up with feeling pain on the outside of your wrist every day? Our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy team is primed to help you find effective treatment for your wrist. Our specialists can perform a free screening that can reveal the source of your pain. In addition, we excel at creating individualized therapy plans that can reduce wrist pain and prevent it from recurring. 

Is your wrist pain making driving a chore? Our team can save you the drive to one of our clinics thanks to the virtual therapy and at-home care services we offer. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you treat wrist pain or to schedule your initial appointment.