4 hand injuries you could develop from common summer activities

Hand Injuries

You don’t have to be an athlete to suffer from a hand injury. In fact, a study showed that 45% of hand injury patients were injured at home. 

While hand injuries are commonplace, the risk of getting them can increase during the summer; studies show that hotter weather is linked to higher rates of injuries. Knowing what injuries you might be susceptible to can help you prevent them in the first place — all while continuing to do the summer activities you enjoy. 

4 types of hand injuries you could get from summer activities

Whether vacationing, gardening, barbecuing or playing games, certain summer activities can increase your risk of hand injuries. Here are four types of hand injuries to remember while making summer plans:  

  • Burns — Summer afternoons might be great opportunities for barbecues and cookouts. However, it’s important to recognize that many serious summer burns can happen around a grill. If you accidentally touch a hot grill cover, or if a fatty steak catches fire and singes your hand, your skin can get significantly damaged. When a burn occurs, redness, swelling and blistering may be immediately visible. Scar management methods can help reduce the appearance of burn scars.
  • Sprains — Many people spend more time outdoors during the summer, and outdoor ground can be uneven and unstable. As a result, the risk for falls and wrist sprains can increase during summer activities. Sprains happen when the ligaments around a joint are overly stretched. As one of the most common hand injuries, wrist sprains can occur when the wrist is used to break a fall. Whether someone falls while playing football or slips on the concrete around a pool, wrist sprains can be a real concern. Performing specific exercises can help sprained ligaments heal quicker.
  • Tendinitis — Activities that require repetitive motions — like gardening or playing sports — can lead to tendinitis in the fingers or wrist. Wrist tendinitis refers to inflammation in the tendons that connect the lower arm to the finger bones. If you have tendinitis in your hand, you might experience swelling around the affected area and pain when you grip and lift objects. Using compression or performing specific stretches can help treat tendinitis in your hand.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome — Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a major nerve in the hand is compressed by the carpal ligaments. You can get carpal tunnel syndrome after repeating the same hand motion over a long period of time, or by injuring the median nerve. Tingling and numbness are usually the main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The summer activities that can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome include yardwork, paddling and bicycling. Manual therapy and rest can help ease carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. 

Excel PT can help you avoid hand injuries this summer

Hand injuries can be common while enjoying a variety of summer activities. In addition to treating your injuries, our team at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy can help you prevent them in the first place. Our specialists can offer ergonomics evaluations to help you develop healthy body mechanics and prevent summer injuries. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.