Athletic Training: Benefits of Physical Therapy-Based Running Programs

Physical Therapy-Based Running Programs

If you’re a distance runner, then you may want to look into athletic training from a physical therapy team. Physical therapy-based running programs could have many benefits for you and your running.

Our team of athletic trainers at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy can help improve your running game. We have everything you need to help you improve your distance running.

We have more than 30 years of experience helping athletes unleash their fullest potential. By using an experience-based three-step process, we can create the best distance running program for you.  

The steps in this process include an initial evaluation to detect the areas where you can improve. Then, we create a personalized training program based on your needs. Once we know how to help you, we will provide continued support and coaching as you work through this program.

With this three-step process, our athletic trainers can help you create a running program that may help you to run faster, farther and leave you less prone to injury.

Benefits of an athletic training program for running

Running is a sport that places a lot of strain on your body. It’s important to have the athletic trainers at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy on your side to help make your running easier.

Even though you may not immediately associate physical therapy with training for your running, it can be beneficial for identifying issues with your running that could cause you major problems if left unchecked. It’s also helpful to critique your form so you can run faster and improve your endurance.

Some issues that running training fixes include training errors, a lack of flexibility and strength in your muscles and joints, and poor running form. These issues can lead to an increased risk of injuring yourself, especially during long-distance runs.

We can help you deal with these issues by building a running program that is designed to have significant benefits for you, such as:

  • The ability to analyze and record your running form
  • Learning new tips and tricks to change your running form
  • Reducing your chances of injury while running

The goal of our training program is to help you improve your running ability, while also helping to prevent future injury.

To learn more about our running training program, contact our team at Excel Physical Therapy today. We can help you schedule an appointment, so you can maximize your athletic potential.