Back pain treatment: Do you really need it? This will help you decide

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Occasional back pain is a normal part of life, especially as you get older. However, it’s not necessary to contact your doctor every time you have a sore back. You can manage most minor forms of back pain with some pain medication and a couple days of rest.

Severe back pain, though, is another story. Long-lasting and extreme back pain may be the sign of a serious condition that requires medical treatment. Pain tolerance is subjective from person to person, so the question that may be on your mind is, “how do I know if my back pain needs treatment?”

Well, to get the answer to that question, you need to look at the symptoms first.

Symptoms of serious conditions that cause back pain

Back pain can be related to a variety of conditions. If you have back pain and any of the following symptoms with it, you may have a serious condition:

  • Fever
  • Numbness in the back or legs
  • Tingling and weakness in the back or legs
  • Pain spreading into one or both of your legs
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Uncontrollable weight loss

The conditions that cause these kinds of symptoms do not go away on their own. These can include arthritis, fractures, slipped discs and spinal conditions. It’s important that you get help from a healthcare professional to keep your condition from getting worse or developing into permanent disability.

Treating chronic back pain

Back pain treatments vary depending on the cause and severity of your condition. In some cases, some prescription medication for pain or inflammation is all that’s necessary. Others may need steroid shots.

One option that is beneficial for all people with back pain is physical therapy. Physical therapists can help reduce back pain and treat the issue that’s causing it. At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, one of our team members will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you meet your recovery goals.

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