Five ways manual therapy can benefit you in Creve Coeur, MO

Manual Therapy

Physical therapists have many methods for treating pain and improving your physical well-being. At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in Creve Coeur, Missouri, our physical therapists develop personalized treatments for each of our patients.

Each person’s treatment looks different depending on their needs. Some people need therapeutic exercise. Others need help balancing. One physical therapy method that we use in many of our treatments because of its versatility is manual therapy. 

Take a look below at five of the ways manual therapy can benefit your physical well-being. 

1. Manual therapy can reduce your pain

One of the primary goals of mobilizing and manipulating the soft tissue and the joints is to help alleviate pain. Mobilizing the soft tissue can break down scar tissue and reduce muscle and tendon tension. Mobilizing the joints can reduce pressure that is affecting your nerves. 

Manual therapy methods attempt to treat pain at its core. With enough treatment, you may experience long-term results and live a life with less pain. 

2. Manual therapy can improve your range of motion

Chronic pain and injuries can limit your range of motion. Physical therapists use manual therapy to mobilize the joints and tissue into positions achievable by yourself. This can help improve your flexibility and reduce tension in the soft tissue, which can improve your range of motion. 

3. Manual therapy can improve your autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating your heartbeat and breathing rate. Using manual therapy to reduce pressure off your nerves can improve their ability to send and receive signals. This allows the autonomic nervous system to provide more effective responses to prevent the buildup of inflammation in your body.

4. Manual therapy can improve physical performance

People like athletes who constantly push their bodies to the limit can benefit from manual therapy. It can help prevent the buildup of painful and tense scar tissue after an injury. It can also help people maintain a less tense and more flexible and strong physical state. 

5. Manual therapy can decrease your dependency on pain medication

Many people try to treat pain with pain medication, but this medication can have undesirable side effects. Treating pain with manual therapy can reduce the need for using medication to treat pain.

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Don’t let pain and a limited range of motion keep you from doing the things you love. Our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in Creve Coeur can use manual therapy to help improve your condition. Contact our team today for more information about manual therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.