Four issues caused by hip and lower back arthritis in O’Fallon, MO

Arthritis in Hip and Lower Back

According to the Missouri Regional Arthritis Centers (MRAC), about 1.4 million people in Missouri are living with some form of arthritis. They also report that these numbers are projected to increase by more than 300,000 people by 2030. If you live in O’Fallon, Missouri, and you’re living with hip and lower back arthritis, there are four issues in particular that you should be aware of. 

1.   More pain

Arthritis can be a very painful condition to live with, and this is especially true when it’s in your hips or lower back. The pain these types of arthritis cause are typically the result of one of two things. For people with osteoarthritis, the pain is caused by bones rubbing together because of age-related cartilage breakdown. The other reason you may be living with pain is that rheumatoid arthritis has attacked the lining of your joints. This can inflame the joints and make it more painful to move them. 

2.   Decreased ability to move

When your hip joints or lower back are hurting because of arthritis, you may feel less of a desire to get up and move around. In fact, you may actually have less of an ability to do so. After all, your hips are vital to normal actions like walking and standing, but arthritis can make it harder to do even these normal activities. A painful lower back can also make it harder to do some tasks. For example, you may not be able to reach for objects on high shelves thanks to the pain in your lower back. 

3.   Loss of independence

Increased pain and a decreased ability to move around can also make you feel less independent. You may feel like you have to depend on other people just to do simple chores around the house like cooking or cleaning. People can also feel less independent because they now have to use a walker or cane just to move around their home.

4.   Lower quality of life

Another issue that hip and lower back arthritis can lead to is a lower quality of life. These types of arthritis can make it harder to sleep, and this can make you feel groggy and out of sorts during the day. It can be difficult to drive, and this may make it harder for you to keep in touch with family and close friends. In turn, this loss of contact can lead to emotional issues such as anger, anxiety and depression. 

Deal with these hip and lower back arthritis issues head-on at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy

Our team at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy in O’Fallon knows that arthritis can cause many issues for people. We want to help you deal with these issues by creating a personalized physical therapy plan for you. Our plans are designed to offer benefits that can directly address some of the major problems arthritis patients face, and these benefits can include:

  • Reducing pain
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Increasing your ability to move
  • Restoring independence
  • Improving quality of life

Don’t continue to deal with arthritis-based issues on your own. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.