How can a hand therapy specialist in St. Charles, MO, help me?

Hand Specialist St Charles MO

We take for granted the uninhibited function of our hands every day. We don’t realize how important our hands are until their functionality is impeded. If you have a hand injury or condition causing you hand pain, it can make simple tasks difficult or even impossible. Using a smartphone or computer, driving, and even just eating can all become uncomfortable. 

Are you wondering how a hand specialist in St. Charles, Missouri, can help you? Discover some common causes of hand pain and how a hand specialist can treat your pain. 

What could be causing my hand pain?

There are many different causes of hand pain. A hand specialist in St. Charles should be able to pinpoint the cause of your hand pain. This is an important first step since it allows the specialist to determine the best treatment for your hands. Here are some of the most common causes of hand pain and their symptoms:

  • Tendinitis — Your tendons connect the muscles to the bone. If your hands become injured or strained from overuse, you may develop tendinitis. Some common symptoms of tendinitis are weakness, inflammation and hand swelling. 
  • Arthritis — Your hand contains numerous small joints that can be affected by arthritis. Arthritis is a breakdown of joint cartilage, which causes inflammation and may feel like a burning sensation. 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) — CTS is not actually an injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is caused by stress or irritation of the median nerve. CTS can be painful or feel like a bad cramp in your hands.
  • Hand strains or sprains Muscle strains or ligament sprains can occur when a muscle or ligament in the hand has been torn. This commonly occurs when a hand is overstretched during rigorous activities like sports. 

How a hand specialist in St. Charles can help your hand pain

After a hand specialist examines your hands and determines the cause of your hand pain, they will be able to recommend treatment options for you.

Hand stretches are crucial for maintaining your hand’s range of motion. You don’t want stiff hands, so restoring the flexibility of your hands through targeting stretching techniques is a common treatment recommended by physical therapists. 

Hand therapy also includes specialized exercises for building hand strength. If your hands have been hurting for a while, you may be using them less. This can lead to weak muscle structure in the hands. Strengthening your hands is important since your muscles help support the joints. 

Some treatment goals of hand therapy include:

  1. Reducing hand pain and stiffness.
  2. Improving your hand flexibility and range of motion.
  3. Increasing hand and wrist strength. 
  4. Decreasing the potential for future hand problems to develop.

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If you’re thinking about seeing a hand specialist in St. Charles then Excel Sports & Physical Therapy has you covered. Our certified hand therapists are experts in treating conditions affecting the hands and wrists. We are prepared to pinpoint the cause of your hand pain and build you a personalized treatment plan for recovery.

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