Kinesio taping in St. Charles, MO

Benefits of Kinesio Taping

When you visit a physical therapist at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy in St. Charles, Missouri, we will examine your condition to recommend a personalized treatment. Many of our treatments involve the use of hands-on techniques and the use of special equipment like ultrasounds or electrical stimulation.

One technique that is growing in popularity is Kinesio taping.

What is Kinesio taping?

Kinesio tape is an adhesive strip that has the elastic properties of skin. It stretches and moves with your body, so it doesn’t limit you when you use it. Kinesio tape has a cotton backing to allow the skin to breathe.

Kinesio taping is used for a wide range of injuries and conditions. It is primarily used to support muscles and joints by holding them in place. This can help reduce pain to an injury from moving around.

Kinesio taping can also provide support to help prevent injuries and improve circulation. Kinesio tape applies gentle pressure that lets the body know the specific area needs more blood. It helps pull the skin back from the muscles to allow more room for blood flow, which can help promote recovery from injuries and inflammation.

Who needs Kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping is commonly associated with athletes because they use it a lot these days. Athletes like Kinesio tape because it provides additional support without limiting their performance.

Kinesio tape is not just for athletes, though. Anybody who needs support and improved circulation to help reduce pain can benefit from Kinesio taping. At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, we commonly use Kinesio taping to help people with:

  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Sports injuries and more

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