Seven tips for carpal tunnel syndrome prevention in Saint Peters, MO

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition in the wrist that can limit your range of motion and cause weakness in your grip. If you are looking for ways to keep carpal tunnel syndrome from affecting your wrists, try some of these seven prevention tips.

Seven tips for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome

  1. Take frequent breaks — If your job or favorite sport takes a toll on your hands and wrists, make sure you take frequent breaks. This goes for people who spend a lot of time typing at a computer too. Rest helps the wrists recover from stressful activities and reduces the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  2. Stretch — Stretching your wrist helps the muscles, tendons and ligaments stay flexible. This is important because carpal tunnel syndrome usually develops from pressure caused by a stiff wrist ligament.
  3. Improve your posture — Poor posture when typing or performing other activities that involve your wrists contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome. Improving your form can help reduce the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Sleep with your wrists straight — Avoid sleeping with your hands or wrists curled up in an awkward position. Keep the wrists as straight as possible to reduce strain that may occur in them while sleeping.
  5. Quit smoking — Smoking inhibits the ability of your blood flow to deliver the oxygen and nutrients that parts of your body like the wrists need. Quit smoking today to get started on the journey toward improving your blood flow and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. Improve your diet — Poor diet can cause the wrists and other parts of the body to not get enough nutrients. A healthy diet includes unsaturated fats, lean protein, vitamins and minerals that your body can use to keep its soft tissue and organs functioning properly.
  7. Visit a physical therapist — Physical therapists specialize in treatments that help you recover from carpal tunnel syndrome. They can also help prevent it from developing in the first place. If you think you’re at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome, talk to a physical therapist about your prevention options. 

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