The best shoulder injury sports therapists in St. Peters, MO

Shoulder Injury Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is a great way to treat your shoulder injuries. But, you may not know who to turn to for this type of therapy. Thankfully, there’s a physical therapy team in your area who can help.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has a team in the St. Peters, Missouri area who is ready to help you with all of your physical therapy needs. We have 34 years of experience treating many different types of injuries. Our goal is always to help you devise a plan that’s specific to your injury. One service that we offer to athletes in St. Peters, Missouri is sports therapy for shoulder injuries.

Sports therapy can treat many types of shoulder injuries

You may not know it, but sports therapy is critical in treating most sports injuries you get. In fact, our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy sees several types of sports injuries on a regular basis.

One common sports injury that we see is shoulder dislocation. Shoulder dislocation occurs when your upper arm bone comes out of your shoulder socket. This injury can occur as a result of heavy blows to your arm or shoulder. These heavy blows are common when you’re playing a contact sport, such as football, soccer and rugby. 

After your arm bone is returned to your shoulder socket, we can begin your treatment. First, we can help heal muscles and tendons that were strained when your arm was dislocated. We can do this thanks to physical therapy methods such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy. Our team can also help you strengthen the muscles that support your shoulder joint. This form of therapy may even help to prevent the recurrence of a shoulder dislocation.

Another shoulder injury that our team routinely sees is shoulder muscle sprains. Muscle sprains occur when your muscles are stretched beyond their normal range. This excessive stretching leads to microscopic tears in your muscle fibers that cause pain. There are several sports in which high arm and shoulder use frequently lead to muscle sprains. Some of these sports include baseball, tennis and basketball. Our team may be able to help you recover more quickly from a muscle strain by using therapies such as soft tissue massage and thermotherapy that may help speed your recovery. 

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