The next big thing in aquatic therapy

Aquatic Therapy

You may have heard about the many benefits of aquatic therapy, but you may not have heard about the next big thing in aquatic therapy. Fortunately, our physical therapy experts at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy are ready to help you with the most innovative aquatic therapy practices.

At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, our team has been helping residents of the greater St. Louis area since 1984. One thing our team has come to understand is personalized therapy helps you recover as quickly as possible. This is why we’re always ready to listen to your concerns about your condition. We also want to hear about any goals you have for your therapy. Our team will also use several types of evidence-based therapies in your recovery plan. For instance, we may use aquatic prehabilitation therapy, which is the next big thing in aquatic therapy. In fact, this specific type of therapy may help prepare your body for joint replacement surgery in ways other therapies may not.

Reasons prehabilitation is the next big thing in aquatic therapy

Our Excel team knows that prehabilitation is the next big thing in aquatic therapy for several reasons. However, you may not know anything about either aquatic therapy or prehabilitation.

Aquatic therapy is a therapy method our team uses that takes place in a heated pool. This form of therapy is designed to take advantage of the natural benefits of water. For one thing, water has a natural buoyancy. This buoyancy helps reduce stress on your body while performing exercises our team recommends for you. Water also offers a natural resistance to movement that makes it ideal for performing therapy exercises. Our team also knows that performing exercises in water may help you feel more stable. This is because the hydrostatic pressure in water helps you stay upright.

In aquatic prehabilitation therapy, the benefits of aquatic therapy meet the benefits of prehabilitation. Our team encourages prehabilitation before joint replacement and other surgeries because it may have several benefits for you that include:

  • Reducing swelling and pain prior to surgery
  • Improving muscle imbalances that could cause issues post-surgery
  • Decreasing the time it takes you to recover from surgery

By combining these benefits with the benefits offered by aquatic therapy, our team may be able to help you recover faster and more completely following your surgery. If you’re interested in having the next big thing in aquatic therapy included in your pre-surgery therapy plan, there’s only one thing you have to do.

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