Three tendon injuries that can cause elbow pain when you’re bending your arm

Elbow Pain When Bending Arm

How would you react if you felt elbow pain every time you were bending your arm to drink something? Would you just deal with the pain? Or, would you try to figure out what was causing it and treat it? 

For those who would take the latter course, working with a physical therapist can be very helpful. These specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the structures that move your elbow, so they can help you figure out what’s causing the elbow pain you feel every time you’re bending your arm. Physical therapists can also help you find superior treatment for your elbow pain

These three tendon issues could be behind your elbow pain

There are several tendons in your elbow that attach muscles to bones, and these muscles allow you to bend your arm. An issue with one of your elbow tendons may be the reason you’re feeling pain when bending your arm. Some tendon issues that you might be experiencing are: 

  • Distal biceps tendinitis — The distal biceps tendon attaches the biceps muscles to your elbow. It attaches just in front of the crease on the inside of your elbow. Repetitive movements or tension in your biceps can irritate the distal biceps tendon. This is commonly known as distal biceps tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow — This condition is also called lateral epicondylitis because it affects the lateral epicondyle tendon. It can be caused by elbow stress from racket sports like tennis. However, overuse can also lead to the tendon inflammation that triggers this condition. Tennis elbow sufferers often feel pain on the outside of their elbow. The pain may get worse when you bend your elbow. 
  • Golfer’s elbow — The medial epicondyle tendon is the structure inflamed when people develop golfer’s elbow. This condition typically causes pain on the inside of the elbow when it’s bent. Repetitive gripping, swinging and flexing often lead to this injury. It can also be caused by overloading your arm during weight training. 

How can a physical therapist help with your elbow pain?

Understanding the cause of the elbow pain you feel when bending your arm is just the first step toward treating it. Physical therapists offer many therapy methods that can help address your pain. A few of the techniques your physical therapist may use to assist you are: 

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