What can shorten my torn Achilles’ recovery time?

Torn Achilles Recovery Time

An Achilles tendon tear can take quite a long time to heal, and this is true even if it doesn’t require surgery to heal properly. In fact, the recovery time for a torn Achilles can often span an entire year. 

Achilles tendon injuries are one of the most common tendon injuries in U.S. adults. One study reports that up to 40 in every 100,000 American adults develops this injury annually. It’s also reported that more than 80% of Achilles tendon ruptures occur during recreational sports. If you do develop an Achilles tear, physical therapists can offer some advice to help reduce your recovery time. 

Four ways you can reduce your Achilles tear recovery time

There are many ways that medical professionals can help decrease your Achilles tear recovery time. Some of the most common tips that can help you reach this goal are: 

  1. Resting your injury — Continuing to strain the Achilles after it has been torn is a sure way to increase your recovery time. That’s why most medical professionals recommend resting as much as possible during the first few weeks after the injury. Additionally, you may also be given crutches to use when walking. This will help keep pressure off your injured tendon when walking. 
  1. Applying ice — Swelling and pain are common after Achilles tendon tears. One way to decrease these symptoms is to apply ice to the site of the swelling. Make sure to wrap the cold pack in a towel. This ensures that it won’t stick to your skin. It’s typically helpful to apply ice to your injury for up to 20 minutes every few hours. 
  1. Restricting ankle movement — It’s also a good idea to restrict how much your ankle moves right after your Achilles tendon is injured. Often, doctors will provide a walking boot or cast. These keep your ankle from moving around too much while your tendon heals. Also, they help to keep the foot flexed downward to take strain off the healing tendon.
  1. Going to physical therapy — Meeting with a physical therapist regularly after your injury can be very beneficial. It’s been reported that physical therapy for Achilles tears can help people return to their normal activities within four to six months. 

Find help reducing your torn Achilles’ recovery time at Excel PT

Not sure where to turn for physical therapy designed to decrease your torn Achilles’ recovery time? Our specialists at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy offer physiotherapy that can help you meet this goal. Our team can do a free screening on your injury to determine if you’re ready to start physical therapy. Furthermore, we can build you a personalized therapy plan that’s designed to speed up your recovery using therapy methods like: 

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