Treating ankle sprains with physical therapy

Ankle Sprains

Your ankles are a relatively small part of your body but they have enormous responsibilities. They support most of your body weight and must remain flexible enough so you can walk, run and jump. When one of the ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones or joints in the ankle gets hurt, you’ll find yourself staying off your feet for a bit of time.

One of the most common ankle injuries that millions of people experience every year is a sprained ankle.

What is a sprained ankle?

A sprain is an injury to the ligaments in your ankle. When you put weight on your foot in an awkward position, the ligaments can stretch or tear. There are many scenarios in which this can happen, such as stepping in a hole while running.

Not every sprained ankle is the same. There are varying degrees of ankle sprains that require different recovery periods:

  • Grade one ankle sprains A grade one sprain is a mild stretch of the ligament that requires about two or three weeks for recovery.

  • Grade two ankle sprains A grade two sprain is a more severe stretch to the ligament that may need four to six weeks for recovery.

  • Grade three ankle sprains A grade three sprain is a major stretch or tear to the ligament that could take six to 12 weeks for recovery.

Treating ankle sprains

Treatments for ankle sprains vary depending on the severity of the injury. Many grade one sprains require little more than some rest and pain medication. More severe sprains will require professional assistance. Some extreme cases may require surgery for treatment, but most people can get by with physical therapy.

Physical therapists are skilled in methods that can help reduce ankle pain and promote a better recovery. At Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, our physical therapists work closely with our patients to develop personalized treatments for ankle injuries.

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