What is causing pain in the side of my ankle?

Side of Ankle Pain

Pain in the side of your ankle can be caused by many different issues, and it can be difficult to determine which problem is at the root of your pain. However, working with a physical therapist can make the discovery process easier. 

You’re more likely to develop ankle pain than you might think. The ankle joints carry all your weight anytime you walk or run, and one medical study found that almost 12% of the people surveyed reported having ankle pain. Physical therapists are trained to treat musculoskeletal disorders that can cause ankle pain, and this gives them a leg up when it comes to identifying the cause of your pain. Also, these specialists can help you get effective treatment for the pain in the side of your ankle. 

Six possible causes of pain in the side of the ankle

Each side of the ankle contains structures that can be injured or develop an issue that causes pain. Your physical therapist can physically examine your ankle to gain insight into the cause of your pain, and they may also ask you specific questions about your symptoms, daily routine and medical history. 

As a result, your therapist may identify painful ankle issues like: 

  1. Nerve injuries — This type of issue occurs when nerves that run through your ankle are pinched or damaged. 
  1. Tendinitis — This condition occurs when an ankle tendon becomes inflamed and painful. 
  1. Osteoarthritis — This problem develops as a result of natural wear and tear on ankle structures over your lifetime. 
  1. Sprains — Ankle ligaments are among the most commonly sprained ligaments in the body. 
  1. Synovium inflammation — This issue occurs when the lining of the ankle joint becomes inflamed. 
  1. Scar tissue — Previous ankle injuries can leave behind scar tissue that restricts ankle soft tissue movement, which can cause pain. 

Treatment options physical therapists can offer for ankle pain

Getting the pain in the side of your ankle treated is another area where physical therapists can help. They offer many treatment techniques that can help address ankle pain, including: 

  • Joint mobilization designed to improve the flexibility and range of motion in the affected joint. 
  • Astym® therapy that uses special tools to realign soft tissue fibers and reduce movement restriction. 
  • Aquatic therapy intended to strengthen lower leg muscles and speed up healing of ankle soft tissue.
  • Running training that focuses on helping you run more safely once your ankle heals. 

Find treatment for the pain in the side of your ankle at Excel Sports & Physical Therapy

Keen to find treatment for the pain in the side of your ankle? Excel PT has a team of physical therapists who are primed to help you address your pain. Our team offers free screenings intended to reveal the cause of your ankle pain. In addition, we can build you a unique therapy plan designed to reduce your pain and prevent future ankle issues. 

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