Where to get the best sports therapy for knee injuries

Knee Injury Sports Therapy

Knee injuries are some of the most commonly seen injuries in sports therapy. However, not all therapy providers are created equally. Luckily for you, there’s a great physical therapy team near you in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area.

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has been offering high-quality physical therapy to the St. Louis, Missouri area for the past 34 years. Our team knows that making a personal connection with you is the best way to help you heal. This is why we’re committed to creating the best physical therapy plan for the specific issue you’re dealing with. We offer many evidence-based therapy services to help you with your issues. One such service we offer to help treat knee injuries is our sports therapy service. 

Knee injuries our sports therapy can treat for you

Sports therapy is a vital component in recovering from any sports injury. This service is especially helpful when it comes from the therapists at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy. Indeed, our team can help you deal with many types of knee injuries.

One type of knee injury our team can help you treat is patellofemoral syndrome. This injury is caused by your knee cap moving against your upper or lower leg bones. Repeated movement of your kneecap against these bones eventually damages your knee tissues. Runners, cyclists football players and basketball players are the most likely to develop this kind of knee injury.

A second knee injury our therapists can help you with is an ACL tear. ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, and it’s this ligament that helps connect your femur to your tibia in your knee. A tear in your ACL can be caused in two ways. First, you may experience a hard impact to your knee that causes your ACL to tear. Another way you may tear your ACL is by changing direction suddenly. ACL tears from these two causes are common for players of football, soccer and basketball.

These are just two of the knee injuries that our therapy specialists can help you treat. In fact, we can help you find the right physical therapy methods for just about any knee injury. Some of the evidence-based therapy methods we may include in your knee injury therapy plan are as follows:

  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Ultrasound treatments
  • Thermotherapy
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Manual therapy

Using a combination of these and other therapy methods, our therapists can create a personalized knee injury recovery plan for you. The best part about these recovery plans is they may help to reduce your pain faster. They may even get you back to playing sports more quickly.

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If you’re interested in getting great therapy for your knee injury, the Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team is here for you. In fact, we make it easy for you to get started with your therapy. All you need to do is contact one of our 11 offices in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area to schedule your sports therapy appointment today.