Work conditioning treatment in Wentzville, MO

Work conditioning treatment in Wentzville

When a worker is injured, has received physical therapy and has met set goals for their recovery but is still in need of treatment for further conditions caused by their injury before they can return to work, that is where work conditioning comes in. It is a higher level of treatment that is designed to specifically get a person back to work.

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy specializes in work conditioning treatment in Wentzville, Missouri, and has successfully treated numerous patients since opening in 1984. These patients were able to get back to work, regain their independence and earn a living for themselves again. We offer an intensive, goal-oriented program designed to restore the proper function of the injured areas.

Here are some important facts about work conditioning treatment:


  • Work conditioning is different from work hardening. Work hardening comes after work conditioning. Work hardening is designed to specifically simulate a person’s daily tasks at their job, in order to get them ready to return to their job at full capacity. For example, if the person is a builder, they will spend part of their therapy simulating their average day on the job, hammering nails, lifting pieces of wood, pushing a wheelbarrow, etc.



  • Work conditioning restores neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function. In order to do this, your physical therapist will work with you on strengthening exercises, along with your range of motion, endurance, motor control and more.



  • Work conditioning is the middle step in getting back to work. It essentially prepares you for work hardening, making it extremely essential to the success of your treatment. Without successfully completing your work conditioning treatment, you will struggle with moving forward through work hardening.


Work conditioning treatment in Wentzville has helped many people get back to work. Often times, an injury can set a person back and cause them to be unable to work. Through physical therapy and the right work conditioning treatment plan, you can heal and get back to the pre-injury you.

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