Wrist pain treatment in Saint Peters, MO

Wrist Pain Treatment

You may not know exactly what’s causing you to need wrist pain treatment in Saint Peters, Missouri. In fact, you may not even know who to turn to for help with your wrist pain. However, our team of physical therapists has a clinic in your area that may be able to help you.

Our team at Excel Sports and Physical Therapy has been offering high-quality physical therapy to the residents of Saint Peters, Missouri since 1984. Our team is committed to finding the most effective physical therapy for your medical condition or injury. One way we show this commitment is by always listening to your questions or concerns. We also show this commitment by building personalized treatment plans for every patient we see, including the wrist pain treatment plans we build in our Saint Peters, Missouri clinic.

Four reasons you may need wrist pain treatment in Saint Peters, MO

Our Excel Sports and Physical Therapy team is ready to help you get the wrist pain treatment you need in Saint Peters, Missouri. Part of the reason we’re so eager to help you with wrist pain is we know how important of a body part your wrist is. Your wrist is very important to almost every movement you make with your fingers and hands. For example, we can tell you that your wrist is involved in everyday activities like opening doors and typing.

Our team also knows there are four common reasons you may develop wrist pain. One common reason you may begin experiencing wrist pain is you’re placing repetitive stress on your wrist. Repetitive wrist stress may come from sports, work activities or even leisure activities, for instance. A second reason people commonly develop wrist pain is a sudden impact or fall, which may come from things like sports or a car accident. Two types of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, are also commonly known to cause wrist pain.

Regardless of what’s causing your wrist pain, our team is ready to help you find effective treatment for it. Treatment options we may include in your therapy plan are:

  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Massage
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Taping
  • Electrical stimulation

There are several benefits you may get when our team brings these and other therapies together in your wrist pain treatment plan. For instance, you may have less pain, get increased range of motion and discover ways to prevent future wrist problems. However, there’s only one way to get these potential benefits at our Excel Sports and Physical Therapy office in Saint Peters, Missouri.

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