Three ways annual PT exams can help you be more physically fit

Be Fit Physical Therapy

Most people are on the lookout for ways to be more physically fit, but few people have considered that one way to meet this goal is to have an annual physical therapy exam. Fortunately, there are many steps a physical therapist can take during an annual exam to help you be more physically fit. 

What is an annual physical therapy exam?

Annual physical therapy exams are a lot like other regular medical checkups. They just focus on different things than other checkups. Their ultimate goal is to be preventive maintenance for your musculoskeletal system. Since this includes many of the structures involved in movement, it can be a very beneficial physical therapy service for you. 

How can an annual physical therapy exam help you be more physically fit?

A person whose musculoskeletal system is in good shape is likely to be physically fit, and annual physical therapy exams can help get people to this point. Some of the ways these exams can do so include: 

1.  Identifying potential issues — Many injuries and conditions are triggered by issues that build up over time. For instance, a knee injury could develop because of a muscle imbalance in your thigh. Annual PT exams allow physical therapists to examine your whole body. As a result, these specialists can identify potential issues, like muscle imbalances, before they have the chance to cause more serious problems. 

2.  Checking on chronic conditions — Some people live with chronic conditions every day. An example is the 40% of men and 47% of women who develop osteoarthritis in their lifetime. Having an annual physical therapy exam can play a huge part in managing chronic conditions. It can allow physical therapists to see how or if your symptoms have progressed. If they have, they can then take steps to help you readjust your management strategy. 

3.  Taking steps to address current issues — Physical therapists can also take steps to address problems they discover during your annual exam. This can involve setting up a treatment plan that includes future in-person or virtual physical therapy sessions. Your physical therapist may also take immediate action to help you. This may involve them using helpful techniques on you such as: 

  • Soft tissue mobilization.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Trigger point therapy. 
  • Dry needling. 

Find help becoming more physically fit at Excel PT

Annual physical therapy exams are just one way that our Excel Sports & Physical Therapy clinics can help you become more physically fit. We offer personalized running programs designed to help runners of all fitness levels. Our specialists can also help COVID-19 sufferers recover their physical fitness. And every physical therapy plan that we create is customized to fit the patient’s unique needs and goals. 

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